Ply Yarn Twister


Rope making machine,High speed needle loom,Needle looms,Dril machine,Pillar drill machine,Radial drill machine

Inflow Type Twister [SV/PT-C]

Sr no. Equipment Description Model Particulars Motor
1 Ply Yarn Twister SV/PT-A 2 Raw x 2 Final Package 2 HP
2 Ply Yarn Twister SV/PT-B 3 Raw x 3 Final Package 3 HP
3 Inflow Type Twister SV/PT-C 5000 To 50000 Denier 7.5 HP
4 Inflow Type Twister SV/Pt-D 5000 To 100000 Denier 7.5 HP

Available in different Models for 5000 Denier to 100000 Denier


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