Drill Machine


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Pillar Type Drill Machines available in 25 mm, 32 mm and 40 mm Capacities, in Round & Square Tables.

Radial Type Drill Machines available in 25 mm, 32 mm and 40 mm Capacities.

Drilling Cum Milling Machines available in 40 mm

Sr no. Equipment Description Model Specification Capacity Motor
1 Drill Machine SV/PD-1 Pillar 25 mm 1 HP
2 Drill Machine SV/PD-2 Pillar 32 mm  1.5  HP
3 Drill Machine SV/PD-3 Pillar 40 mm  1.5  HP
4 Drill Machine SV/RD-1 Radial 25 mm 1  HP
5 Drill Machine SV/RD-2 Radial 32 mm  1.5  HP
6 Drill Machine SV/RD-3 Radial 40 mm  1.5  HP
7 Drilling Cum Milling Machine SV/DM-1 Milling 40 mm  1.5  HP

Salient Features :-

Highly Reliable Casting
Inter changeability of the Components
Easy to carry out Accurate & Precision Drilling Operations
Excellent Quality
Competitive Price
Committed Delivery

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Drill Machine

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